Martin Compston

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In the replies “Celtic Arnott very good” hahahaha. What a successful first day of the league troops! Loving it already.
He'll learn to spell one day.
I saw compston while out for a jog around the meadows in edinburgh before the animals played the danish team at the scum hut last week!
The wee rhat had his shellic top on fae four years ago I shouted Martin he acknowledged me with a wave and I told him Celtic are Shoite he did not know were to look


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Line of doody.


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He really is a pointless little wank of a man. How he has managed to even keep getting roles in TV is beyond me.


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Can’t believe no one has mentioned his accent on Line of Duty. He can barely function when he talks as he’s putting all he’s got into not sounding Scottish.

Hopefully they’ll force Desmond out and he’ll be fronting save our Celts 2 with Jim Kerr while we cherry pick years of CL money.
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My neighbour comes from down that way, and also supports the filth, agrees wholeheartedly that he is a bell end of the highest order.
I'm sure there's a poster on here who has worked on film sets with him. Said he acts like the wee arsehole ned that he really is when the director or producer isn't around then crawls up their arse when they appear.
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