McGregor finished?


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The Shagger of last season. Unbelievable from the big man. That's why he's ours.
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I gave him a hard time after Sunday and said it was just too much for him.
That double save! :eek:
Sorry shagger


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So over the moon tonight. To a support slaughtering this guy after 1 'off' game he showed YET AGAIN why he is one of the best keepers we've ever had.


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First save was decent but he parried it right back out in to the danger zone (he's always been bad for that) but he recovered and did incredibly well to keep out second with his leg. Fair play to him.
Gonna have to disagree with that, he’s been excellent at tip balls away from danger, even with reactionary saves.

It’s certainly not a habit of Shaggers.


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Great double save but you saw Goldson shouting and leave it for the keeper. But he was glued to his line. In real time it looked like he could have came out and collected it.

Yip, there was another occasion where Bassey had to clear it with his right foot because he thought McGregor was coming to collect but he never.

I'm sorry but those 2 saves, as good as they were, doesn't mask up for his overall contributions this season.


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Incredible goalkeeping. Those instinctual blocks are completely different level.

However, he's still cost us more points/results than he's won this season. Couple of points he was completely glued to his line again which put us under undue pressure. It's still time for phasing him out.


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Vintage Greegsy tonight. Some big saves, that's what I like to see. I still think he's not made saves like he used to throughout the season overall, but if he gets back to his best. I'll never criticise him again B-D


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He was brilliant tonight.

However he's not the same this season. He's not been giving Goldson and Co pelters in the same way. Doesn't seem as angry, or mental.

Not a criticism, just an observation. I think we've had a freak run of teams scoring shots against us. Hopefully it's over.


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Double save was unbelievable. Not many keepers in the world would have kept that out. Not bad for a 40 year old!