Messi fed up at Barcelona?


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Barcelona have been making nonsensical, horrid decisions since Neymar left and it is starting to come back to haunt them.

300m on Dembele and Coutinho within a few months of each other was just unbelievable. Blind panic that will harm them for years and years.

The biggest mistake, however, was punting Ernesto Valverde.

Yes, he lost a complete freak of a result to Liverpool which compounded into a league draw and a Cup final loss as the team had a massive psychological breakdown.

However, he won a League and Cup double in his first year, won the league in his second year and, despite being given some complete shite to work with from the recruitment team, was clear at the top of the league when he was punted in January because "he doesn't make them play the Barca way".

Messi has probably taken a look at that, taken a look around, realised most of his pals are on their way out or finishing up their careers and thought "%^*& it, why bother with this shit?"
Your right IMO mate, Griezman was a weird signing as well - pretty the same player as Messin


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To be honest he deserves a move. They are a complete shambles and I doubt he is the only one to be pissed off. He has shown incredible loyalty.
So would you for the money he makes. Fed up arsewipe people dying with starvation o
All over the word and he’s fed up.

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