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Davy Young

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Got to agree with Jim Duffy everyone is now getting paranoid,but where I disagree with him that there is no conspiracy ?, yes there is!, only one club seems to be immune to their players getting cited


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How many times must we read the exact same Morelos article? This time it’s Kris Commons; it could just as easily have been Provan, Leckie, Waddell etc. Can any of these cretins maybe address the biggest question - why is this player victimised above all the thugs that earn their living in our league? The Browns, The Powers, the Porteous’s all risk causing serious injury every week with their antics, Morelos on the other hand has injured no one. How about it guys? Why this one, particular player, who just happens to be a) the best in Scotland b) who plays for Rangers and c) is Colombian? Am I on to something here???


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FFS last week there was an assault on Morelos with a boot to his face BUT every headline was about Morelos’ foot hovering - and tickling at most - McKennas bawz. Then we had to endure a week of photos and headlines about Morelos’ challenge/assault (eh) and NOTHING about McKennas ACTUAL assault. Morelos finished up with a longer ban than the player who initiated and carried out the assault (go figure).

Roll on this week and Ryan Jack is CLEARLY booted on the face at head height and hardly a fucking headline of note. Hardly a call to ban Power. Hardly a call for CO involvement. Hardly a photo on a back page.

No clamour by every paper and every pundit to get assaults by McKenna and Power highlighted and talked about BUT Morelos doesn’t get his foot out of the way quick enough while pirouetting in the other and it’s all out war on our player.

And they say it’s a fair and equal playing field - MY FUCKING ARSE.
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Thanks again for taking the time to post these pages. If nothing else, it reminds my why I stopped buying newspapers years ago.

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@mdingwall did you notice the Freudian slip in the Daily Record Hotline?

In the 'Quote Of The Day', they have changed it from the callers comments to state that Ryan Jack made the tackle and should have been sent off.


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Arfield needs a bit of propaganda training.
If this was reversed, power would be calling for him to be retrospectively banned


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Thanks for posting.

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I was more looking forward to the front pages this morning altho the hoped for articles have been put on hold by the looks of things.

Hopefully it all unfolds soon enuf.