Morelos,kent,mcgregor are key.

Hap Hapablap

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Jack and Davis equally key. And no switching off from Tav or Goldson.
As much as I believe Jack and Davis are superior players they cannot let Brown in their head.
Dirty bastardness is unfortunately a trait Davis does not possess. We need him to be ruthless today.


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Everyone of our players are key today. Every single one must be up for it.

Get tore into these soap dodging , scum bastards !!!!!!


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Every player is key today. Full backs have to provide for Morelos, Shagger and CB have to be bullit proof. Davis and Jack and Arfield have to dominate midfield. Kamara has to be on it and no loose passes and Morelos and Kent prove the values are correct. Huge day for Morelos.


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Team effort is key,but these are the guys that will put the knife in and twist it.
We’re going to need key performances all over the park today bud.
Every player is going to have a job to do and be eight out of ten in doing it.