Over 60 newspaper cuttings about Maurice Johnston and associated events


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I’ve attached a set of around 60 clippings from the time of his signing - some before, some after. Some directly connected to Maurice and some just for general info, they were all in the one folder. Some are worth a read just to remind yourself of how detached from real life journalists actually are.

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This graffiti was done on the Royston flats overlooking the M8 by Celtic fans - note how they cropped it to make it ambiguous.


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The Odious Creep:

"We'd do well not to get carried away, too often in sport, apparently earth-shattering events occur which are looked upon with a smile in the passing of time".



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The MJ sings the sash article

How times have changed, they asked a Tim supporters Chief who said they weren’t interested

Nowadays keyboard warriors would want him jailed , call it out (u less it’s I ran away stuff) would be lobbying the council to crucify him , our snp would be demanding a sacking

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Maurice Johnston: What else happened the month he joined Rangers?

Maurice Johnston became the first high-profile Catholic to sign for Rangers 30 years ago. But what else was happening in the world in July 1989?
Test your knowledge of football, film and near-fatal hunting accidents from that memorable month...


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As a 13yr old, I’d kept some cuttings too. I’ll need to see if they still exist. I remember Mo having bodyguards at a pre season friendly.