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There I was just enjoying a steakbake, put on FF I thinks, get a wee catch up. 1 minute later steakbake is all over the table and the kitchen wall. Wife glaring and kids unamused. Me currently looking for kitchen roll and cleaning spray whilst pissing myself. Cheers op.


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I have no time for this company. Quite happy to troll is in very Tim pandering ways and even when having a go at them they reference us as e.g. zombies. Not for me.


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Well, they’ve had years of fun at our expense about time we had some at theirs.

The Kent and Aribo to the Celtic defence made me burst out laughing


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I’ve sent this round a few whats app groups, good thing is, I can see they’ve viewed it, but absolutely none have replied B-D


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Fantastic work. It's fantastic to be back and have something to smile about again!