Player Ratings v Feyenoord - from the papers


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Apparently shagger “got away with one” according to the sun. Aye, right you are.


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No way we could have kept that tempo for 90 mins.Imo it was great game management from us in the second half.Let them have it and as soon as the got into our final third press and counter.Remember lads and lassies,we were 1 up and didnt need to chase the game.Perfect game plan .


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Why do subs always get 2 or 3. Can you not have a ‘good’ 10-15-Min when you come on late?

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I take the ratings of our players from a Scottish media hack with a pinch of salt to be honest. Some of them over the last couple of days have shown just how deep their dislike for our club runs.

George Goudie

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Vindicates my choice of Jack as motm - as opposed to my youngest son's choice of Alfie.

I'll use these tomorrow to show the upstart that; yir da knows best. :)


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Bitter much, who gives a fvck what you say we’re back results prove how good we are look at them and weep.


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Oh look.

Neither Tavernier or Goldson were rubbish :eek:
Well, let’s be fair here, we don’t often accept what we see in the papers.
This time, with these two, I’m totally with them.
Davis was an eight though, and Helander’s six is just stupid.

The Golden God

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As I mentioned in the match thread, better ratings from the papers than some of the posters on there.

Someone in the match thread gave Kamara a 3 ffs :D


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Meant to quote MU!

The other night, I replied to a poster who claimed Gerrard didn’t know his best centre back partnership.
I replied that, evidently he does.
Posters reply was that he didn’t because he didn’t include Katic!
This wasn’t an opinion, it was a fact.
I like Katic, I like Edmundson as well but, even if I thought either or both were better options than the two who played I wouldn’t think I could tell the manager he was wrong.
Especially when he can point to the scoreline and a clean sheet and laugh at me.
Katic is the current love child of our support and every mistake by any of those keeping him outis being highlighted and magnified by those who favour him.