Porto being done for racist chanting last night


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Anyone know the actual nature of the song and the reasons behind singing them ?


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Dinamo Tbilisi were given a stadium closure at 6 days notice in the qualifiers against Feyenoord

UEFA don't care if it is disputes people plans
Dont agree with stadium bans at all,ut surely if doing so you should not penalise the away support.
Additionally partial closures only impact clubs that fill their stadium regularly and for many European teams that don't a partial closure has zero impact.


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The precedent has been set and TBB has been classified to be in the same catagory of behaviour as monkey chants. That needs to sink in and futile arguments based on personal opinion ('to my mind') are not going to change that. We may not agree with the ruling or its justification, but we do know the potential harm to the club. We need to stop trying to win an argument that has been lost and ensure we don't hinder the club's progress.
I agree, there is no way back for this song.
My point ... and yes there is an element of whataboutery in it, and why not, ...justice is either equal and even or it is no justice at all, is that the selective imposition of these football laws are open to huge abuse, so much so that they could alter the course of a sporting competition.

UEFA in allowing such justice to be applied by a group that do not seem to be transparently accountable and who carry out their monitoring in such an adhoc manner is a recipe for injustice and a corruption of the fair play aspect of a sporting competition.

As for the Scottish press and the SFA, they should keep their mouths shut until they can gag the Tartan Army's blatant anti-English racism (in this case the racism word has some proper traction).

I don't know what chants abound around the world in international football when nations with rivalries are up against each other, but I suspect there must be a few that would have TBB pale in comparison.


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Even if it’s a stadium closure you’d think the authorities, police etc would rather have the bears all in the stadium and easy to manage rather than spending more time in the pubs and the square