Questions That Need Answered


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In times like this the corrupt thrive. For it is only the corrupt that would seek to take advantage of a worldwide pandemic. To exploit such a thing purely for personal gain and to the detriment of others is sociopathic. Normal people care too much to even consider such an idea because we are more concerned about more important things such as the health of our families and loved ones and for the greater good of society.

You can see this difference of perspective very clearly in Celtics behaviour during this crisis and clubs like Liverpool or Juve's. An almost embarrassment to accept a trophy (which they have not yet won and may not even of won) while so many people die daily, while Celtic from day one have been grotesque in their reaction. What should we expect from a club owned by the biggest launderer of Russian mafia money in Europe, the European Donald Trump that is Dermot Desmond. Interesting the media silence to his corruption isn't it?

I can guarantee that the reason UEFA did not call a European wide null and void of the all leagues was because for the fat suits at UEFA, there is too much coin to made from back handers from the fall out of all national league negotiations on how to deal with this crisis. It's a crisis they can exploit.

Guaranteed that UEFA officials are pocketing a fortune in bribes. It's what they do, Lawell is the Scottish representative of this corrupt system. It gets passed down. They take care of their own. And they get away with it because they control the money and prestige. UEFA is a corrupt organisation if it wasn't do you really think they'd want anything to do with a scumbag like Peter Lawell. Scum attracts other scum. They stick together like turds.

Me personally, I think Scottish football is the most corrupt of all. As a league there was virtually no resistance to this culture of corruption. The question that needs to be asked is, who decided that Celtic gets the CL league money? They didn't win the league. They were given it through a now proven corrupt vote. Why couldn't it be shared amongst all clubs? Why didn't clubs have any say and why were the dictates of the corrupt SPFL Cabal almost universally accepted and not even challenged? And where is the SFA in this? Aren't they the governing body? Guilty by their silence. Doesn't Doncaster take great delight in telling us the SPFL is democratic? So democratic that it demands 75% of member support to investigate it and doesn't have 75% support of its members, so does not have the authority it claims it has?

It was given to Celtic because they run the league in Scotland through Lawell and into UEFA. So what deal did Lawell make with UEFA to agree these terms. Other leagues have shared the CL money because there was a negotiation between all club members and they agreed to share it. Why couldn't we do that in Scotland? Why has openness and transparency been so resisted? Who is pulling the strings and why does Doncaster seem to think he is answerable to "Peter" ?

If our club does not take the SPFL corrupt cabal to court then wtf are we doing. The truth is there to be exposed so let's expose it. Will we lie down to them or will we stand and fight them. Swinging punches at their piggy fatty jaws. The Dundee vote was illegal. When you can get away with open illegality and have it endorsed by so many members then the levels of corruption are off the scale. A banana republic.

We need to stand against it. Stand up for a different kind of governance that is not corrupted by greed and is not controlled by elites. A fairer more democratic football. A level playing field cause that's all we need and they know it.

I listened to an interview with one of the owners of Castore the other day and was struck by just how forward thinking our club is. The deal we have signed is one of the most radical partnerships I have seen in football in a long time. The better we do the better Castore will do and the better they do the better we will. Working for the advancement and good of each other. Adidas, they just give you a set amount of shirts and tell you to sell them or you owe them money.

What we signed with Castore is an entirely different philosophy from how things are usually done. It's a very bold and radical move by the club and by Castore.

What if there was a league that was run along those same principles. Would be very exciting. This cess pit of a league would flounder and disappear into obscurity without us to give it whatever sense of glory it has left.

We need to start asserting our strength again and make public exactly what all of this charade has been about from day one and exactly who was pulling the strings as well as demanding that a new governing philosophy is brought to bear within Scottish football.

We all know where this all goes, we need to start calling a spade a spade and expose this corruption once and for all.