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David Herd won a European Cup medal with Man Utd, he also scored twice v Leicester City for Man Utd in the 1963 FA Cup Final in a 3-1 win for Utd, Law scored the other goal

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....I mean, well done.

What about who was playing in the old fourth division while captain of England?

Well within living memory too. I remember it.


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David Herd played for Stockport when he was 17, in the same forward line as his dad:)) that can't have happened very often in football.


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Name the Scottish footballer who scored over 100 goals for both Arsenal and Manchester United.
My mate sent me that one today, i had no clue, its not a trick question and it was not like 100 years ago.
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Jim Leighton played for both Man U and Arsenal.

There's a pointless fact.