Rangers 1995-96 catalogue


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One of the models was the lad that said 16-9 tae the Rangers when on, Soccer am i think. He told me the producers couldn't understand what he had said wrong and why the phonelines had a meltdown :))

You'd have to be a particular sad sack to be upset at the mention of a date of an historical battle because you didn't like the winner.

Danny Wilde

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I still got that catalogue in the house along with many other.
Not sure when we stopped issuing the shop catalogue but I think it was well before fat Mike time. Any idea?


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Apart from the shirts, I had the towel and the bedspread from memory.

In fact, I finally had to sadly part company with said towel a few months back as it was well and truly done :eek:


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Modelled myself on Goram as a youngster so I had both of those goalie jerseys and both Sondico gloves as well as a pair of the shinguards. Interesting to see that they were allowed to have their stuff sold in the catalogue, as would have thought Adidas might be the only brand to be able to sell their stuff in it.

Would love to see stuff with the old style crest that was on the Admiral and Adidas strips for sale. Was a fan of that one.


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Remember season ticket holders got a wee card.that gave you 10% off every time you shopped in a Rangers store

Bob Belcher

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I've got that half-and-half red and black cap. I picked it up on ebay last year and it's brand new.


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I'll never forget that moment...coming home from work to find the Rangers shop catalogue had been delivered.


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I had the tartan curtains as a teenager. I now use them for putting down on the carpets when decorating.
Also round about 1998 I got the train into Edinburgh for a night out and someone had left a bottle of Rangers champagne on the seat in a Rangers poly bag.
I got off the train at Haymarket and hid it in a bush. Went back next day and it was still there.
And, I still have it to this day :D

Anyone remember losing it?