Article Rangers Appendices now available as PDF downloads


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Come on, guys, hurry up. You've only got another 40 odd minutes to read it, understand it, draft your reply and then send it off. What's keeping you?
I can’t open it so I’ll say “NO” just now but with a caveat that I can change my vote as and when I’m approached with some sweeteners!

Mr Wilton

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Strictly Private and Confidential all over it! The SPFL have a brass neck going on about confidentiality breaches, was leaked in minutes!

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Cant believe this, it just shows you what SR was up against in the board room before all this broke out.

All this sets the tone and will be useful in a courtroom.
Thanks very much for sharing the Appendices. Numbers 5 & 6 then backed up by Counsel's Opinion at Appendix 7 make quite incredible reading. It is unbelievable that the people that have responsibility to run the Clubs in Scotland, other than the obvious one, could ignore the basic facts of this entire matter and refuse to sanction an independent investigation. I have limited legal knowledge but this does not take an in depth knowledge of the corporate world to comprehend just how badly or illegally (?) this was handled by the SPFL. The entire case is about the management of the vote and the material information and actions/discussions before and after it. It is nothing to do with Rangers as a football club.