Rangers boss Steven Gerrard in video message to self-isolating fan


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THIS is the heartwarming moment Rangers boss Steven Gerrard sent a message of support to a fan struggling during self-isolation.

Luke Thomson's dad, John, has been forced to stay in his home for 12 weeks under the government's guidance to "sheild" people during the coronavirus pandemic.

He reached out to the Rangers Charity Foundation to help his dad get through the tough times - leading to the Ibrox manager sending him a personalised video.
luke thomson@thomson_luke

@RangersFC @RangersTV @RFC_Charity I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone at the club. that made this possible my dad is in self isolation for 12 weeks due to his medical condition and he received a video message today from steven gerrard he was over the moon #COVIDー19

6:48 PM - Apr 9, 2020
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In the clip, Gerrard says: "Hello John, Steven Gerrard here mate.
"I just wanted to do you a little short video message.
"I hope you are managing well during these really tough and strange times.

"I'm told you are self-isolating at home.
"Just to let you know everyone at Rangers is thinking about you, is with you during this tough time, and make sure you look after yourself and stay strong.
"All the best mate, take care."
Luke shared the video online, adding that his dad was "over the moon" with the message.
Responding to his post, the RFC Charity said: "You're welcome, Luke.
"It's the least we could do. Best wishes to all the family."


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Class personified. And so lacking in arrogance that he even introduces himself. As if any football fan on the planet wouldn’t recognise him :))


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He is a class act and a football icon.
I’m desperate for him to bring us success as I’m confident when he does win something the good times will return.
Fingers crossed our legend of a manager can deliver.


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I do love it how at the beginning he says hi its Steven gerrard Rangers manager like nobody wouldn't recognise him.

Stuff from stevie g and alfredo during this whole matter restores my faith in humanity


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Since Gerrard arrived the standards have been upped. This is another example how he has brought us back to where we should be off the pitch. All he needs is trophies now.


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I've never been so desperate for a man to succeed at Rangers. Steven Gerrard. Lets go. We are all still 100% behind you .