Match Thread Rangers v Hamilton - 15:00 Sunday -


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That was an excellent performance.
Twice in a row they drop points and both times we win 5-0.
That will put doubt in their minds. They cannot mess up because we will punish them. And they will mess up again.
We're in their heads now.
It's the difference from now to last season as we are now capable of capitalising on thier dropped points

Coopers left foot.

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My word Jermain defoe is an absolute gentleman .

wee girl came out the enclosure ,picture taken on the pitch with him then he gives her his top .
The Guy is just a class above
The Hamilton player will be beelin, he asked for his top at full time. Well played Sir made that little girls day.

alex wright

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I have to keep telling myself "It was only Hamilton" to stop myself from getting carried away. Just think about who didn't participate in that game and you realise how far we've come.


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Not long back. My observations:

As professional a performance as I've seen for us in a long time.

Good to see some of the squad getting game time. None of them looked out of place.

Defoe is clinical.

What a difference a pitch makes. Games away at Hamilton we usually get dragged into a streetfight on a tight, horrible surface. Today on a big, grass pitch they couldn't get near us.

I honestly felt we had at least another gear, if not two, to go up today if we had to.

Twice the scum have dropped twice now, and twice we've blootered away the opposition. The pressure is on them this season, make no mistake.

We're a shitty performance in the OF game and a shitey last minute goal against YB away from having had a perfect start to the season.

Best of luck to the lads away on international duty, and hopefully a well deserved bit of recovery for those staying in Glasgow.

I'm a happy bear tonight.


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You can't ask for a better reaction than that today.

5 going on 9. Every player outstanding, some impressive passages of play, another Defoe hattrick, Barišić cracker, clean sheet and capitalising on a bheggars defeat.

Top of the league.