Match Thread Rangers v Hamilton - 15:00 Sunday -


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Back to winning ways Rangers, continue our excellent start to the season with a convincing victory and some time to recharge the batteries for some players who badly need it.


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I take great pleasure in pumping all these teams and getting it right up their managers but i do like Brian Rice and he has always been very complimentary about us and our style of play.

With that said 5 0 will be fine :))


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Even if the scum don’t drop points, staying up their arses is huge and the longer we keep that up the better. If they do drop points, well I think we all know what’s at stake there.


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Back to winning ways tomorrow, get a positive result and then a decent break over the international period.

4-0 Rangers.


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Time to get the show back on the road, get behind Tav and the team. Three points for us, plus a few goals.


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I think we’ll demolish them. 5-0.

Me too.

Arfield dropping deeper and Stewart starting again off the striker.

Arfield and Stewart linked up brilliantly against Aberdeen and opened them up at will.


Tav Goldson Katic Barisic

Arfield Kamara

Stewart Ojo


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Back to winning ways then into the break to recharge. Going 4-0 the Bears.
C'MON THE Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Would really, really like to see King today.

Good wee team Hamilton, they at least try to play football.

2-0 and just an easy game, no injuries or drama, and giving King, Stewart, Defoe a run out would make me happy. As would scoring a few more and making a dent in the goal difference.


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I'm in for 5-0 too. Brilliant opportunity to put the disappointment of Thursday night behind us and get the confidence sky high again.On the front foot Rangers,straight from the off please.


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Thursday's result has brought us back down to earth with a bump. Although painful it has brought a realism back to our ambitions and hopefully put a focus on the league rather than Europe. Yes I want to see us do well in Europe but the league is our bread and butter. 2-0 Gers.


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Won't be able to watch the game at all today, so depending on FF for updates, going for a comfortable 3-0 win. Tav to bounce back with a goal.


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I say it every week and here I go again.
The early goal is crucial to crush any hopes of the away team. Hamilton will be stuffy and play to their physical strengths and hope to pick up set plays in our half and hope to get some joy.
Get that early goal and we can get another 2 or 3.
Come on The Rangers.
Come on the Glasgow Rangers.