MOTM Poll Rangers v Porto - 20:00 Thursday - BT Sport

Man of the Match

  • McGregor

    Votes: 3 0.4%
  • Tavernier

    Votes: 1 0.1%
  • Goldson

    Votes: 116 15.7%
  • Helander

    Votes: 7 0.9%
  • Barasic

    Votes: 1 0.1%
  • Jack

    Votes: 10 1.4%
  • Kamara

    Votes: 93 12.6%
  • Davis

    Votes: 79 10.7%
  • Barker

    Votes: 3 0.4%
  • Kent

    Votes: 19 2.6%
  • Morelos

    Votes: 402 54.5%
  • Aribo

    Votes: 2 0.3%
  • Defoe

    Votes: 2 0.3%

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Harrogate Bluenose

Well-Known Member
the pass that gifted the Taigs the win was ridiculous. You would be forgiven for thinking the Tallies had thrown that game

their 2nd goal was ridiculous. I also counted 4 mistakes that led to their first. Lazio either were drugged, want manager out, had celtic in their accumulator or treated the game with no effort to qualify. Celtic got in their faces but lazio gifted them the game.

Woodrow Call

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Wouldn't surprise me if Porto are very interested in Alfredo when the transfer window opens, absolutely bossed them over two games.

Huge result. With the difference in resources, quality of player available, on paper we just shouldn't even be coming close to Porto never mind playing two games against them and getting a draw and a win!

Thought the game changed in our favour when Pepe went off and they changed shape, seemed to suit us more.
Aye he's still a top class operator and in my opinion the main reason Portugal won the Euros. A dirty evil big bastard but what a phuckin player.


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Official Ticketer
It just feels so joyous....
To think that just over 18 months ago we were in serious trouble.
Steven Gerrard has brought in quality and given our players the belief they need to perform at the highest level.
It was not our best performance but we won a game that we would not have won last season.
It frightens me to think what would’ve happened two years ago if somehow we had been playing against Porto!


Well-Known Member
We where a bit nervous the first 15/20 minutes but once we settled into our stride, the game was there to be won and we did it with a bit of style.
Great team performance and superb win.
Absolutely delighted.


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After a few early scares, we started to get to grips with the task in hand.

First goal was a magnificent bit of work from Buff, and the second was the icing on the cake.

Well played the Gers, proud of you all tonight.


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their 2nd goal was ridiculous. I also counted 4 mistakes that led to their first. Lazio either were drugged, want manager out, had celtic in their accumulator or treated the game with no effort to qualify. Celtic got in their faces but lazio gifted them the game.
that mhanky mhob will get found out in europe, we will get further in Europe than they will and we haven't even qualified yet


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Arfield was immense when he came on, great but easy sub from stevie. Love it when arfield plays like that he hunts players down and encourages others to do so. Aribo also played an Intelligent game when he came on. Hala morelos!!
Totally agree, this is when the game changed for us, Barker wasn't the worst but Arfield just lifted us and we changed shape which worked better for us.

Carson's Cat

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He's not on the list and he wouldn't be my MotM but us bringing on Arfield after they lost Pepe swung the game in our favour. The wee man played a very important 25 minutes for us.

Kamara was our best midfielder but MotM has got to be The Big Buff. Scored one and set the second up for Davis.


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Brilliant result for the player's and management.

We weren't great tonight but got the job done.

Lets go through in style by beating Feyenoord in Rotterdam.


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Great chance of going through now, 1 win from two games will suffice, agreed that we didn't play too well until the first goal went in but it's all about fine margins at this level and we've had our share of hard luck stories over the years. Well done Gers, let's get to the last 32.

alex wright

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Porto are a very good outfit, I think we were caught out with their movement early but I also think we were a little cautious.

I still can't get my head around the fact we didn't really click going forward and yet beat them 2-0. We've come such a long, long way it's remarkable. I just wish more at Ibrox would realise it.


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Even getting indirect complements from Pacific Quay. 'A great night for Scottish Football'.

Would have been even better if Lazio turned up.
Really? Saying this whilst their fans wave a twenty foot Irish flag in front of the cameras in Rome.


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What a night well done Rangers
but f..k it was bitter cold in the enclosure but Alfredo Alfredo once again turned up the heating:)).
ps, why can we not get a 4g signal at Ibrox ffs?


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Scotland could end this season as high as 13th in Europe. Top 15, which looks certain, gives two CL spots. None of this first round crap at the beginning of July. Takes effect in 2021.

It means teams get into the EL rather than the new Conference. So harder games for the likes of the sheep. Scotland would also get an extra team to embarrass us in Europe and leave the coefficient struggling again (points gained being divided by five instead of four). Staying in the top 15 requires the other teams to help a little and not lose to Welsh farmers.


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Incredible result. Tough game. Porto are a good side. They had a few chances before Alfredo made a stunning goal out of almost nothing then set up Davis. What a result. Now we have to make sure we get a win against Young Boys and we are nearly there. Difficult, but not impossible. We need to keep up the momentum against Livi on Sunday and take not just 3 points, but in style.


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I've got to admit - I was $hitting myself after the first half hour & thought it was only a matter of time before we conceded

At 35 minutes onwards - you could see an improvement - but I still felt very nervous

When Alfie scored to change everything - I regained my faith - & with Davis adding the 2nd I reverted back to Marv's keep believing mode

This was a monumental win - by any standards

Thank you each & everyone of our players - starters & subs - managerial, backroom staff & board members - for achieving this