Referee on Sunday


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This is our time , regardless of corrupt officials , they will not stop us , they can not defeat excellence no matter how hard they try , it is now inevitable , 55 is coming , the ultimate antidote for 2012 will be here , they are all f*cked , they will suffer !
And the resulting rejoicing amongst those they sought to remove will (i hope) end most of them !


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Was maybe expecting Clancy since they dropped points on Monday but Robertson just as bad. Strange he's getting the reverse fixture after doing the game 3 weeks ago.


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Disturbing news Robertson is referee for Motherwell
He gave the yahoos a fictitious penalty at Hamilton just after halftime with the score at 0-0 during the Xmas period.
Hamilton manager Rice,when asked about the award said " It is the season for presents "
Absolutely, the nearest Tarrier cheating referee there is today to Clancy.