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If Hivs have a go at them next week like they did today, they will score goals at Porkheid, no doubt. Its how many they let in that matters.


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I’ll repeat what I said on other threads. The reaction isn’t solely about today’s performance, it’s a result of the last two seasons worth of domestic crap and the alarming feeling of deja vu watching the same patterns emerge.

Fans are 100% right to be livid and are absolutely right to be sceptical of this team until they actually show us they can hold their nerve and mount a genuine title challenge, or at the very least stop chucking away opportunities to sit clear top (which we’ve done again) for a while and crumbling completely in January. Today and Livingston could have easily been re-runs of the last two seasons, that’s whats annoying everyone.

We quite literally learned nothing new today.

Some will see that as a positive, while folk with a working brain will see the problems with that.


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Coming from the boy who’s facebook status today was ‘that Rangers team will never win a league’:eek:
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