Roy Keane


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I was looking through biography audiobook yesterday for a good listen and Keanes was the only one I fancied tbh. Haven’t bought it yet but probably will. At least he gives an honest opinion


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Sometimes I appreciate his honesty and forthrightness but sometimes he acts like a prick for the sake of being a prick.

Enjoyed his book though. Doesn’t pull any punches.
Genuinly think he’s so set in his way of thinking mate that he won’t let anyone change it, he was an absolute winner on the field for Man U and I don’t think he’s prepared to accept defeat even in commentary lol


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Genuinly think he’s so set in his way of thinking mate that he won’t let anyone change it, he was an absolute winner on the field for Man U and I don’t think he’s prepared to accept defeat even in commentary lol
Maybe mate, I just think he takes himself too seriously all the time.

I honestly can’t remember ever seeing him laughing or having a joke with his colleagues/fellow pundits.

Bet his blood pressure is through the roof. Proper angry man.

You can just imagine him sitting at home arguing with his dog.

Teddy Casablanca

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I always imagine the people sitting in the studio control room absolutely sh1tting themselves because they don't know what he`s about to say. He always seems to be brooding and about to erupt and tell someone he`s sitting next to that they`re a ffkking @rsehole.

We're on our way 55

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Can’t stand him as a pundit, he’s stuck in the 90’s. Needs to move on with his views on modern football. Try’s to bully other pundits aswell, total P***k
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Obviously knows his football and knows how to say something that can cause a bit of controversy, but not too much.

I trust he invested his cash wisely and could love in comfortable retirement if he chose so.


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I don't have a problem with the guy and find him quite entertaining. His book "The Second Half" was a decent read...although, I lived in Sunderland for a number of years and have been following them ever since so that does influence my thinking somewhat.


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Not giving a %^*& doesn't make him a good pundit.

He's not the worst but the needlessly confrontational stuff will become tiresome pretty quickly.

wee blue dug

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I remember hating the guy as a man u player n due to the facthe was a free stater .when he he played against us at Ibrox in the champions league at Ibrox it actually changed my mind against him, he oozed class that night and strolled it, still think souness would kick %^*& out him now, hence why he never picks a arguement with the magnificent bastard and does with carragher...


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A fantastic winner as a player. Gave it 100% and not afraid of confrontation. As a pundit he can be entertaining but in the main comes across as a bit of a bully.


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Can't stand him, just wants to be obstinate and angry all of the time. Absolutely nothing in terms of real analysis or thought that the average fan couldn't bring.

He is a total arse of a man, was speaker at a dinner I was at a couple of years ago. Dress code was lounge suits, shows up in a pair of jeans and a jumper, does his hour and fucks off. Spoke absolute pish as well.

You can see why the prick's managerial career has been a disaster. He was an outstanding player and leader for Man Utd on the park though.


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A great player for man utd, always enjoyed him and Vieira getting tore into each other on field and tunnel. But a complete w**k of a guy.

I hate watching pundits that fling hindsight remarks after a game about managerial mistakes. When these guys couldn't manage for s**t.


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A great player, pundit and a born winner but he falls down when he bleats on about his fallout with Alex Ferguson...who hasn't fallen out with Fergie? And don't forget he turned his back on his country when they needed him most in 2002. (not that i give a shit about ROI)
Like his story about fat John Hartson and the multi-pack of crisps though!