Sandy jardine


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First time posting but all week ive been thinking about sandy jardine all the hard work he did for the club in 2012 when we win the cup not if tomorrow i will be rasing a toast to him tomorrow can
I’m with you there mate - true legend!


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There will be a lot of tears shed for a lot of people no longer with us tomorrow if we can lift that trophy . I am Welling up thinking about it .


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Excellent post. There will be a wee half toasted to Mr Jardine and all absent friends at kick off in ours. Do us proud Rangers and bring that trophy home.


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He stopped me and a few others getting the jail in 2012. Marched into Helen St police station and sorted it out for us.

The email conversations between us is something I’ll keep forever.

First and foremost he was a fantastic man but secondly a true Ranger.


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I was shown around the training centre as a shareholder back in 2002 by Sandy Jardine along with around 30 other folk.
He was both informative and an absolute gentleman and I was very fortunate to have my picture taken with him too.
I was delighted he was like that because he was always one of my favourite Rangers players growing up,I had a big poster of him in my room...I would've hated if he was arrogant and ignorant but thankfully the absolute opposite.
Always be a legend in my eyes.


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Excellent player, outstanding club ambassador and a very nice man. Thanks for the memory.

Hap Hapablap

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If we win today I dont think I'll be able to hold it in, I'll be blubbering like a wean.

My old man will be up above calling me a big Jessie but trying to hide his tears at the same time.


Today the day the greatest club in the world will reduce growing men of the greatest fans in the world to tears of joy all week non fans have ask do I think we will win my answer I always think rangers will beat the scum that what all rangers fans think we know we can do we will do nearly 8 longs years of pain heartbreak but we are rangers and we are strong so no negative thoughts today follow bears bearetts get the battle fever on any sum ask you today if we can do it just roar yes we will today is the start of the glory days returning com the bests WATP


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I went ticketless to parma in 98(i think)
Spoke to Sandy outside the ground and asked if he knew where we could get tickets.
He went into his jacket pocket and gave us two tickets. "behave yourselves lads, enjoy the game"


Still raging at how we haven't won the cup has a team carried as much luck as Them ive never seen it in my life time with foster then its a hammering but i believe the tide will turn when was the last time they batted us for 90mins im struggling to tske it in just told 1 of them by text not to phone me bcos of the mood im in and how can the linesman looking right across the line and not give offside Lennon comments on about the ref certainly worked and please if anyone sees sutton out on the town tell him to his face he a clown of the higest degree (being polite) which is hard