scottish media scum, nbm and call it out


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In an ideal world, CCTV could identify them, follow them to the check out where they might use a card or out to the car park and get their registration number. Then pay them a visit.

But this isn't an ideal world.


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I do actually the guy was there representing a charity wearing their logo but
No it's not banter, it's banter when it's a laugh, he wasn't having a laugh he was being a knob. I'm sick of Celtic fans everywhere with their arrogance and crap. I just hate them and all their fans and they send me into a bad mood when they start their garbage
Grow up


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'Call it Out' are a sham organistation. They are only interested in 'sectarianism' that cements their imaginary status as downtrodden bog dwellers. The great irony in it is of course, that the people involved are some of the most inherently bigoted arseholes you're ever likely to meet.
More people have probably liked your post than are in this band of bigots.

Just shows how easy it is for them to get traction in Scotland.


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If the poster sees the scum again , just make a citizens arrest appropriate restraining method allowed by law until the police arrive in layman's terms knock f*** out of him until he stops trying to get away and when he does stop just give him half a dozen more to make sure.


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Contact Tesco and ask for the video of your daughter. Super markets have every area covered by cctv.

Once you have the video then you can do with it what you want??????
I think the procedure requires letter to head office and a payment for the copy. Contact Tesco before it gets accidentally erased