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I see a few posters going with the moral highground which is the most sensible and appropriate way to react to a club that may dissappear, genuine remorse is the most natural reaction. However in 2012 our country and the majority of clubs acted in an extreme petulant manner and literally would rather see us burn than receive the blue pound that partially keeps them afloat. The sheer joy they displayed when people lost their jobs and livelihoods, it was all a big laugh for their bigoted brains. The SNP are also responsible to a degree for the abuse and constant fines, they seemingly gave their supporters a green light to abuse Rangers and their fans at will, using the referendum as an excuse for racism and bigotry. Our country is rife with accepted racism as long as it falls in with the general consensus which is this:
Abuse in any form towards all things union and Rangers : Acceptable
Fuxk them all, love Rangers


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Why especially us?? We have the biggest support throughout the world, who will step up if required. We have done already.
We have huge support , probably on the top twenty football clubs in Europe , but to say the biggest support in the world is mental . Bigger than Barcelona , Real Madrid , man United , river plate , flamengo to name a few ? Come on


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We have huge support , probably on the top twenty football clubs in Europe , but to say the biggest support in the world is mental . Bigger than Barcelona , Real Madrid , man United , river plate , flamengo to name a few ? Come on
Ok. If it wasn’t clear, I meant from our SPFL.


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If they go bust, some spivs could always start a new company, take over the assets of the old company, apply to join the SPFL again and start off in the 4th tier.

Woodrow Call

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Why especially us?? We have the biggest support throughout the world, who will step up if required. We have done already.
We have the second highest wage bill in Scotland. We have next to no money coming in from retail. Maybe you've not noticed but a season ticket is at the back of the queue for a lot of guys just now.


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I mean I hate Aberdeen as much as the next Rangers fan but I'm not gloating about any other club at this time, it'll only come back to kick us in the arse.
I agree. The gut feel reaction is “f*** them” after the way they and others treated us in 2012, I understand that. But give it a moments thought and I get to the conclusion that if Aberdeen fail, so will other clubs, and none of this would be good for our league or our club. And we are not immune to this crisis either in terms of club financials. We‘ve rightly criticised the fans and boards of other clubs for gloating and kicking us when we were down on the basis that it was self defeating ie. a damaged Rangers would be bad for them. And so it proved. It would be hypocritical of us to do the same. It’s slightly different because we don’t need their money. But we do need competitive football clubs if we are to have a league worth playing in after this. So however much I dislike them, I don’t want to see any club fail as a result of this, it would be bad news for Rangers. I prioritise what’s good for Rangers rather than wanting to see other clubs go under.


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We have the second highest wage bill in Scotland. We have next to no money coming in from retail. Maybe you've not noticed but a season ticket is at the back of the queue for a lot of guys just now.
No need to be patronising mate. You don’t just need a season ticket receipt to have given financial support to the club.
I know which Dave (King or Cormak) will be sleeping easier if he has to rely on the fans for support.


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Yesterday we updated staff and, subsequently, the media on the exceptional circumstances we find ourselves in. We pulled no punches about the stark reality facing Aberdeen Football Club because we believe it is important in these times to show clear, decisive leadership and, above all, transparency.

I must caveat this by saying that, in these unprecedented and worrying times, what happens in football needs to be put into context. Every individual, every business and every organisation will be acutely feeling the reverberations of the unfolding events.

And because the Dons play an important part in my life and your lives, we are committed to steering the Club through this incredibly challenging period. When we get through this, which we will, and football resumes, we want to be in the best shape we can be, on and off the pitch.

Showing solidarity and support for our fans and the community

I’m proud and humbled that the Club’s first response to the fast-moving events in the last week was to consider how it could support the community through this unparalleled crisis. AFC has been at the heart of our community for over 100 years and we have marshalled our forces, using the power of and passion for AFC as a force for social good for that community.

Our community campaign has two key components:

  • To use our unique platform to connect with people of all ages, from all backgrounds across all parts of the city region and beyond, providing them with AFC-based content which educates, comforts, reassures and even brings a smile to all those affected, but particularly those suffering from loneliness, anxiety and fear while being forced to stay at home.
  • To provide practical support, through the work of the AFC Community Trust, to those in need and, potentially, to the emergency services as and when they require it.
Our current position

Three weeks ago we were in a healthy financial position; free of external debt, with £1.5million in the bank. We had expected income of about £1million from four home league games and the Scottish Cup Semi-Final and, potentially, £5million in season ticket sales, seasonal hospitality and new shirt sales coming in through mid-July.

Our monthly running costs are about £1.2million and it’s only prudent to assume there will be no football until July perhaps, at the earliest.

During this period, we are facing £5million in outgoings with no expected income. No matches are planned and we have no idea when a new season starts, never mind the current season ending, and it is highly unlikely there will be any player sales in the summer.

This situation is clearly unsustainable. No club, whatever their size, scale or level of investment, can withstand a total lack of income over a period of anything between three to six months.

We are doing everything we can to mitigate this collapse of income over the next few months and protect our hard-working, dedicated and loyal workforce and all those who depend on the Club.

Working together

Once we have clarity and certainty on what happens next, the Board will recommend a course of action to ensure the Club’s survival. This will include asking investors, including myself, to support the plan. We will be facing some tough decisions and we will need everyone to come together and play their part in efforts to secure the Club’s future.

I fully appreciate that our supporters have their own challenges at this time but, as the Chairman, it is incumbent on me to appeal to all our Dons fans, partners and sponsors to do what you can to support the Club at this critical time.

I’ve been heartened by the messages of support I have received from fans asking what they can do to help the Club through this really difficult period.

I’m hugely encouraged by those still buying season tickets, renewing or subscribing to AberDNA and buying merchandise on-line. This underlines the amazing and loyal support we have from the Red Army.

Like you, I love our Club and what we stand for. We are determined to get through this and I am confident we will, if we all stand together.

Please remain safe and well and do what all good Dons’ fans already do: look out for each other and look after those in our community who need it most.


Dave Cormack

You can support the club in the following ways:

Season Tickets 20/21

Earlier this month we launched the sale of season tickets for the 20/21 season with a commitment to improving atmosphere and the overall matchday experience for supporters with a view to making Pittodrie everything that it should be in our final few years here.

Once again, we are working with V12 Season Ticket Finance to help supporters spread the cost of their season ticket. To help make things easier we are also covering the interest costs for supporters who select the 6 month or 4 month payment options.

Season Tickets remain available to purchase and renew online at

For full season ticket information click here.


AberDNA is a membership initiative which aims to capture the imagination of not only local, but national and international supporters. Unlike season tickets or other memberships, all profits from AberDNA are used exclusively to support the Football Operation.

Since its introduction in 2018 AberDNA members have contributed over £1 million directly to the Football Operation, this contribution from almost 6,000 members around the world is now a critical part of the football budget.

In return for your support of the Football Operation, via a monthly or annual payment plan, supporters can join one of six different membership categories and will receive a range of benefits, including a replica shirt, discounts on season tickets and club merchandise.

To find out more about becoming a member and making a direct contribution to the Football Operation click here


Our online store also remains available with further reductions now made on 2019/20 replica kit and Adidas trainingwear as part of our sale. 2019/20 home shirts are available priced at £18 for Adults and £12 for Youths.

Shop online

You've gotta laugh at the comment towards the dolly fans they run the dirty tricks close to being the vilest scum in the U.K .

bLuE PirAtE

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I can't believe there would be any Rangers fan that does not want Aberdeen to under. They pissed on us when we went into Admin.


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I'm thinking we'll be in a better position that most given the majority of our seats have been pre-sold as Season Tickets (makes the decision to reduce the tims allocation even more wise), compared with smaller clubs who would maybe see a bigger Pay at the Gate type income.

Obviously we're losing hospitality and sponsorship on a game basis, but hopefully it keeps us ticking over.

stein and johnston

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I do have a degree of sympathy.....But then I think,had most teams in Scotland got their wish about 8 years ago, and we went under, you can bet they would have been at the front of the queue to dance on our grave.

Ninth Uranium

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Would normally agree but a club with a set of fans who sing about players and fans that we’ve lost and lorded it up during some of our darkest days deserve everything that’s coming to them. Utter scumbags to a man
I agree about the fans. Fuqq them. Hope they are suffering. However, if this was just Aberdeen it was affecting then i would chuckle. It isn't though, and unfortunately we aren't yet in a position where this won't affect us either. Worrying times for us all


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Situation here is supporters need to come out and support their clubs. If you really love your team then now is the time to support that.


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If any club goes bust I hope its them. They sing disgusting songs about fans who never came home from a football match. They glory in one of their thugs destroying the career of one of our greatest young talents. Love them to lose their scummy club.


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Couldn’t care less about Aberdeen, what does worry me is what the state of the competition will be. Even if clubs survive they’re probably gonna lose players that they then can’t afford to replace.

The gulf in the quality is already huge and sponsors/TV companies won’t be interested