Short update Rangers are sending out to journalists ref SPFL meeting tomorrow


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Hibs could still make 4th place and European football yet it doesn't look like there interested that tells it all
They stand to lose from the proposals, so they have a reason to go along with our resolution.

If it doesn’t pass and they try to force through average points, I hope we draw out the litigation as far as possible. Let’s see how long the technically insolvent clubs in our league can last.

Tim Hunter

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They’ll show their hand today
This is Hibs previous statement.

"This re-affirms the view of the board that the sporting integrity of the SPL is of paramount importance."

Unfortunately it was in 2012, and not yesterday.
The statement was made by Rod Petrie, who is now President of the SFA, will he now permit "sporting integrity" to be abandoned?


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Amended resolution will give Hivs and the sheep a large cut of cash and we will land up with same outcome however as stated on another thread very proud we are highlighting the bully and underhand tactics we know the excel at