SNP MP Peter Grant - disrespect or stupidity?


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Only he knows if it's an honest typo or a blatant mark of disrespect.

He'll know himself.

Only thing I'll say, if it was an honest mistake does he not re-read his stuff after he's posted and then correct any mistake right away?

Either way I wouldn't engage with any SNP moron on today of all days in this context. Walter deserves better. These SNP idiots can wait for another time (of which there's plenty).

Rob the Ranger

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Mike Mathieson
John Swinney
Humza Useless
Patrick Harvie
Jean Freeman
Thon Canadian bird from the greens
The specky ginger Green
all for starters

How much fucking evidence do you need, mate lol
Please refrain from mentioning Patrick Harvie please mate as I turn into a (wee) blue hulk at the mere mention of that snivelling pathetic excuse for a human being.


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The guy follows just about every team in his local constituency, so must have some interest in football.
Are we then to believe he doesn't know the name of a former National team manager who's name and tributes have been everywhere today?
Then the tweet remains in position for hours after it, despite hundreds of critical comments to correct him.
Attention seeking and disrespectful.


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We can all make typo errors and mistakes.

I've had the misfortune of having dealings with that excuse for a person and he is beneath contempt.

People like him being in public life is the very reason our infrastructure, public services and future are totally fucked.

Apologies for the sweary word.
The quoted tweet literally has walter Smiths name in it. There's no way that's a mistake imo.


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If it was a mistake it would've been taken down or amended by now. There's hundreds of comments correcting him. He's an attention seeking wee rat.

The Golden God

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Sums up that party. Just utter scum from top to bottom.

Accident or not, it's still up hours later, are we to believe no one has texted or phoned him in all that time?


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After 9 hours the prick still hasn’t amended the “error”

A disrespectful prick

Sums them up
Thought this was a typo last night, no way he’s not been contacted by several associates etc telling him.

Standby for the self-serving “was a silly error but the replies / DMs I got were out of order”…..

walt mcmurty

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He is my local MP.
I have personally met the man.
He, like all in the SNP is not remotely interested in the CBC scandal.
He is one of them.
Make no mistake this was deliberate and was done for attention.


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He quoted a tweet from the club with Walter’s name in it, but called him Gordon Smith.

Deleted now, but not fixed, which I think is just as bad tbh.


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Anybody can make a wee typo on a tweet, but to leave it up for so long, then delete it without any apology or correction, shows the real measure of that person.


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He is my local MP and he is a bit of a wanker in my opinion.

I pulled him up last election about holding his hustings in Edinburgh even though he is the Glenrothes MP.
He didn’t reply until after the election and his seat was safe and all I got was snide remarks.
A total Fukin tool

wee bud's pit boots

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I don't care what people outwith the Rangers family say on this matter: keevins, Jackson, brown etc

Wouldn't believe it anyway
This, 100%. Hence I will not be reading weasel words from the likes of Leckie, the lurgan rhat, Jackson, Broon etc.

In saying that, I don't want to spoil the mood for others, so my last tu'upence worth on this particular topic.