Spurs 10/1 tonight

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Personally wouldn't go for it. Can't see past city winning or drawing but Spurs having a clean sheet gives them a great chance despite that.

What are the odds for Tottenham just to go through? (can't access them at the moment)
If you think so go for it dont leave it i think if they do it will be a draw even that seems a big ask way City playing. Should still get decent odds on Spurs and the draw.

Best bet is always just to go for Rangers to get loads of cards, thats whats the refs are making a fortune gambling on up here.


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Having mugged the bookies of last night with 3 smallish stake bets;

Messi FGS - Win for £45
Barca (-1) - Win for £25
Ajax in 90 - Win for £60

Been looking at tonight and not sure I fancy anything strongly enough. Might look at the line ups then decide. Draw both games might be worth a small stake.

City will tank spurs or go out I suspect.
No it’s not . Domestic dominance is what it’s all about . The champions league has turned in to a bit of a gimmick .
A gimmick ffs :D

It’s brilliant when It gets to the quarters when the big players step up to the plate. Gaurdiola’s reputation is such that he is judged on CL wins. He is gagging to win it after failing to at Bayern.

Really looking forward to this tonight. 10/1 is massive for a team as good as Spurs but no Kane is a blow, despite what folk on here will say.

I’ve bet over 1 goal in first half in each game at 8/1. It came up last night at 13/2.

The other Hills enhanced odds look good bets aswell.
Genuiely don't know how it will go, Man City haven't really been playing well recently. Quite often scoring early then going through the motions.

But on the other hand Spurs are without Kane, but on the 3rd hand :p Son is brilliant and been scoring recently.
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