Stadium tours


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Afternoon fellow bears,
Hopefully a quick thread but does anyone know situation regarding stadium tours at the moment and how to book? Website doesn’t allow you to book stadium tours for whatever reason and no reply from emails I’ve sent to ticket office etc.
Got an “over exuberant” 6year old dying to get in for a look
Cheers, WATP

Pitsea Bear

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Tell the young one the wait is worth it,was up before Covid and had the tour with the wife and a few others,a Pne fan and his lad included.

Guy who took the tour was very well informed with some great stories and even blasted out simply the best whilst we walked up the tunnel.

Added bonus of that day we took a walk down prw and ended up in the district then NN10,S when the weeman appeared in person (ran out of petrol) Nacho was sound and bought us a beer and let us have a few pictures taken.

Enjoy when it happens,hopefully not to long a wait.


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I keep checking as I am over for my birthday in August and wanted to book a tour but still nothing. Another poster on here said they were able to book one, you just have to check regularly. Have emailed also but no response.