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Some detail


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I would love the club to commission someone to do this type of thing for the museum. I mean, if it was 3D printed like this one, it would maybe need to have a little more definition to be in there, but this one truly is fantastic.

I wrote to him to tell him so and put the idea to him that I would like the club to ask him to do such a thing. My idea would be to have probably 3 different "Ibrox Stadiums" built like they were during different periods. Maybe one with the old oval ground, one from the 70s with the new stadium and one present day - obviously with club deck, big screens etc.

There may be interest in an Auchenhowie if he's looking for more Rangers type projects - even if that's for the museum also.


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Give the fella a follow on twitter if you can. He's from the USA but is clearly impressed with the engagement he's had from Rangers fans and is refusing all requests to do the Chamber of Secrets.

I see he's referring to the scum as "the other team in Glasgow" and is refusing the normal prompts to even it up and do one of the paedo dome. He's American but he knows the score! What he's done of Ibrox is magnificent and he has some talent, not to mention patience!


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No dugouts, police security box just above the tunnel, front of main stand the criss crosses should be blue,no goals,no PA speakers hanging from the stands,no corner flags.

Fix all that and hide a couple of tiny speakers wired up to something that plays the blue sea of Ibrox and it will be perfect.

Ps No disco lights.


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Such a superb model all round. The attention to detail is incredible considering the scale. For work I use a good bit of 3D modelling software and it's mental to think that was his beginning task before getting it printed out to add all the detail. That part wouldn't have been the easiest!

I could never do something like this, I'd get to the end putting on something small and delicate and end it all like this: (Just hope he doesn't!)


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