Steve Clarke applauds Rangers chairman Dave King

Sook ma plums, Clarke.

No amount of reaction from the rest of the country hides the fact that you only mentioned it because your team just got pumped 5-0 by the club and people you hate.
Exactly this. I'm getting totally pissed off that nobody is picking up on this. There is no mention of the fact how his team and tactics were rubbish on the night then Clarke had a scathing attack on the officials. He's played a blinder here.
As this if this wasn't bad enough we then have the aftermath of trying to drag our clubs name through the gutter. Rangers should have condemned his lies about our club instead of pandering to him. It makes me sick to be honest.


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The Kilmarnock boss was glad to see the Ibrox chief react strongly to Wednesday night's controversy.

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  • 15:21, 23 FEB 2019

Steve Clarke has praised Dave King's reaction to the sectarian abuse directed at the Kilmarnock boss on Wednesday night.
Clarke made an emotional appeal for the sectarian abuse to stop after Rangers fans directed chants at him describing him as a fenian b*****d in a song.
And King made a quick response by issuing an apology to the Kilmarnock manager and saying the club was 'deeply distressed' by the incident.
Clarke was happy with the response to the situation and reiterated his insistence that football abuse must not cross the sectarian line.

He told BBC Scotland: "The reaction has been good, what we have to do now is to make sure there is action on the reaction. We can all work together and see positive signs in the future and we won't be seeing these situations in the future.
"Very good, good statement from Dave, he showed what the club, Rangers Football Club thought about the issue and that was pleasing to hear.

"Like I said on the press on Friday morning is I'm a football manager, I'm not a politician, I'm not involved in the law, I want to go do my job and not worry about these kind of distractions or worries or name callings and stuff like that.

"The normal shouting and abuse you get as a manager, we all accept that. It's part and parcel of the game. Like I said the other night when Rangers fans were giving me a hard time, it's cause they recognised their team was winning well against a team that had caused them problems in the past.

"That's no issue, it's when it crosses the line. For me it's just to be left alone now and focus on my job here at Kilmarnock.
"It would be nice to think that something would be done and something good would come of it but history would maybe tell you that it might take one or two more watershed moments before it does change. I would like to think there would be some progress and if we can get some progress then that's a start."
It would have been good if a similar apology came first from Shame FC. to his captain for the coin throwing and OB chants and insults but then nothing ever happened . BJK something as well.