Steven Davis Tonight

Number 4

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Someone coined Ulster’s Pirlo on here a while back.

He’s our catalyst.

The amount of ground he covers without looking like he’s running is an art form.

Such an intelligent player, but the thing that really, really stands out for me is that he’s not the only one.

We carry threat from everywhere.


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Whenever Davis gets around to writing his autobiography - as I hope he will - IMO that photograph at the top should be the book cover - sums him up really.

El Jock Grande Sabia

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I posted in a previous thread about Stevie that after a month or 2 I thought we'd made a big mistake bringing him back, I thought his best days were long gone. Never been as happy to have been as way off the mark as i most certainly was!

He is 1 of the 2 best midfielders in the country (along with Jacko:)):)):))) by a long way.

Ardoyne RSC

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If he is as good in the nightclubs as he is on the pitch, he is one very lucky man. Everything loose seems to head straight to him like a magnet.


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I’m surprised we haven’t revived his old song, it’s a must be we need to change two words :D


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Absolutely delighted for him.
Completely deserved a massive moment like that for the season he’s having.
Getting that second goal so quickly after the first just killed Porto’s belief.

He’s surpassed my pre-signing expectations by a country mile.


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Loved Davis first time round, had my doubts when he came back last season but this season he has been exceptional.