Steven Davis video on instagram


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Won’t let me open

What is it?
Photo/video montage of Seville/Saturday with make us dream playing over the top of it



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I was standing at that junction as the team bus passed in Seville. Burst into tears :))
So was I, but didn’t believe it was the team bus.

Then realised it’s was about 2.5 hours to ko, still took me a further 2 hours from that point to get in…
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I'm actually beginning to think we might not see many of the old guard move on and instead it will be Goldson and a big sale or two while the rest provide continuity.


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Was a joke mate. Being held in that narrow street in that heat

With that prick on the police horse choking for an excuse to wade in

This was a disgrace. I was sober and even I was getting frustrated as kick off got closer and closer so it's a miracle nothing kicked off which is what they wanted.


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'Enjoy the break' is as good as 'see you next season', in my opinion.
I hope so.

With the recent exception of Lundstram, I think he’s still the best midfielder in Scotland. If we think we can even get 30 games out of him next year it should be an easy decision.
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