Thanks to the thief in the Govan today


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My mate Alan, a season ticket holder, good friend and staunch bear, was sadly diagnosed with MND last year. I met him and his son when I got my ticket in the Govan 8yrs ago. Several of us have became good friends and travelled to away games, nights at the louden and nights at Ibrox like The Rally.

The point I'm making is that he is a really decent Rangers man and has missed supporting our team in person.

Today he was lucky enough to get to the game but had to use his 3 wheeled walker.

The stewards wouldn't allow it to be stored securely and guided him to a section to leave it.

At the end if the game, he waited for the crows to leave and when he got to where he was told to store the walker, it had been stolen and an old damaged one left in its place.

There was no way this was accidental, I just hope that when the club look into this, that the clown that took it is banned for life.

Hopefully it can be recovered as they are nearly £300.

This really affected my mate and caused him an upsetting end to what should have been a great day.

Johnny Yen

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I saw this on Facebook, utterly appalling if it has been theft, there have been instances in the past of carers taking wrong stuff etc. So hopefully it has been a genuine mistake.


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Hopefully been a mistake but if not just sheer scumbaggery.

I'd contribue towards a new mate if that can be organised.
Defo not a mistake mate. It's an immaculate model and a piece of 5hit left I'm place.

Also, sorry to Name my mate but he's very popular and perhaps if bears knew it was his it might jog a few memories.

I have a pic but don't know how to post.


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If you put up a just giving page, explain the situation, it will be covered in minutes mate.
Still doesn’t excuse the loss of his Walker but I’m sure the club may be able to help find out what happened.


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Ted Rangers

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I kind of feel like there should be a system in place to stop this happening. Hopefully this incident is the last and it's resolved quickly.

The Baron of Renfrew

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If stolen then disgusting by fellow bears, however may be a genuine mistake, either way there will be CCTV of the area hopefully he gets it back, if not like many have already aside I’d be happy to contribute. The current contracted security company should be held to account over this. May also be worth letting the club know as well.


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Scumbag whoever did that. If the stolen ones decent and a shitty one left then it’s not a mistake either.


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I hope this has been a genuine mistake from someone.
If not it's a very low and despicable thing to do to one of our own,especially a disabled bear with MND.
I'll be more than happy to stump up some money towards a replacement if a go fund me is set up.


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I’ve got to say, there seems to be more neds in Ibrox since our journey through the leagues than was the case in the early 2000’s.

I think season tickets are cheaper now (in real terms) which maybe contributes to this?

Lad in front of me with glass buckfast bottle today and drug use really common I notice more and more.

Hope your mate gets his frame returned (not just replaced).