The bigot Jim Spence strikes again

DJ Blue

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Hahaha. He’s just looking for attention. Another who seems to think his job is to take on a crusade against Rangers rather than actually report on fact and be even handed.
The thing is, he openly hates Rangers and seemed happy for us disappear in 2012, yet he doesn’t like it when we don’t welcome him with open arms. I genuinely don’t care who he supports - he’s just absolutely chronic at his job.


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A wee prick that's hated himself so far into obscurity that even the bbc won't touch him with a barge pole these days.
his days consist of sitting on twitter tweeting away all day like a wee lassie, blocking anyone that can challenge him on the bile he spouts and can make him look like the rancid little racist bigoted lady's front bottom that he is.

I don't know if wee Jimmy ping has ever mentioned that his da saved a pilot from an exploding plane or that he is the rectum of dundee uni

Ghost of Troubled Joe

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I'd expect nothing more than "Crass behaviour" from ANY c****c board...such as downright arrogance and abhorent denial and silence of henious disgusting crimes to children.


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I used to see him out jogging at Clatto reservoir when I stayed in Dundee (around 2009)

Wish I'd leathered the wee prick now.


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Collymore, Hartson, Sutton, Stewart and Spence are all the same.
Rangers are box office and these guys earn a living pandering to the haters. The more successful we become the more we will see these leeches trying to earn a living off the back of us. They are best ignored
Rent free in their minds etc!.


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Such a useless bastard is this guy. Must not be getting much attention from mad phil and his band of merry cretins lately.

pandering to the worst kind of people is oor Jimmy ping. Fucking idiot.

NYC Davie

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Livingston had a support at Ibrox on Wednesday. Spence is deliberately lying. His agenda is there for all to see with the “crass behaviour” comment. I try to be reasonable in all my dealings with fellow human beings, but this guy is beyond the pale. He’s presumably getting some kind of fiscal reward for his bigoted ramblings so should be fair game for a challenge. Is there nobody at the club who can do this?

Crispy Bacon

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He stays relevant by throwing thinly veiled digs our way, thats about it. Without having us to include in his nonsense, he is even more of a non-entity.


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Is he a bigot? I thought he was just a tool who writes stuff like this to stay relevant (ala this thread)