The Red Lion - Vienna

Not sure it this has been previously mentioned, but I've saw a few posters and tweets regarding 'The Red Lion' bar hosting fans for the duration of the Vienna trip.

By no means telling people where they should and shouldn't go when over, but we stayed in Vienna for the Maribor tie during qualification, and can confirm the red lion were ripping bears off.

We got there early doors when only a couple of supporters were there, a few hours later the place was rammed (small pub with a small bar), there was a lack of staff working and prices more than doubled compared to what we were paying before the crowds arrived. By 9/10pm bottled beer was being served at 7+ euro and the only mixer they were offering for spirits was Red Bull - a vodka and red bull costing 14euros (If you could get served).

By the time the fans got into the 2nd song the neighbours had already complained to police and they warned us that any noise would result in on the spot fines or arrests.

If my memory serves, it's not really close to anything either, nothing going on round about it.

Enjoy your trip.


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That’s a shame mate. I was in Vienna for the Osijek away game, they were spot in although bar was almost empty. Got talking to some Croatian guy who was giving all the dirt on them as he was a Zagreb fan!! Good night and certainly wasn’t ripped off.


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I actually might of spoke you. I arrived at night at the exact time the police arrived threatening to hand out fines. The prices were high and was told by a few folk that they hiked the prices right up when more Rangers fans arrived.

Was tiny, tiny measures of vodka too. Few folk kicking off about it.

Definitely wouldn’t go back.
Can also confirm the pub ripped us off, still had a decent sash bash indoors once the polis fucked off but we never stayed long

Can also confirm not a lot of other pubs etc round about it

J Spaceman

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I can also confirm the serious doubts about this establishment.

On a recent visit to Vienna, I popped in looking for a mate and was aggressively challenged by the bar man straightaway in what was quite the tumbleweed moment with onlookers glaring at me. I made my excuses and left.

The place is tiny and, frankly, an absolute kip.

Nearby, beside tram stop Radetzkyplatz, you have a cluster of nice bars and eateries. I'd strongly recommend giving them your custom instead.


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Silly bastards have just talked themselves out of a pretty penny, I’ll also be letting others I know who were going to be meeting there.
I also agree with the OP. I was in the day before the Maribor game and they seemed to make the prices up as they went along. Every time I bought a round the price seemed to differ. It is also in the middle of a residential area and at the end of the night there were about 20 policemen outside. We were standing outside the bar having a few beers we had bought from the shop before we got on the bus on the Thursday morning. They were making a big deal of it despite us spending a fortune in the place the day before. I never seen the blonde bird behind the bar smile once.
As others have said best avoided. There are plenty of other decent bars in better areas in Vienna.


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There’s a squad of us going over and we won’t be visiting the Red Lion for the reasons mentioned.

They ripped us off and then complained when we sang our songs after they took our money. No doubt it’ll be busy but not for us.

Arriving Tuesday so will no doubt adopt somewhere else as our bevy base:D


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i went for the last OF game.

EUR10 for a bottle of beer and a (small) plate of fries.

nice enough people but not worth going out of your way for.

it's a liverpool pub btw


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Is this place British owned? I’ll be giving it a miss anyway, can’t be doing with greedy bastards like that taking advantage of people when they are already getting a good turn.


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I was over in Vienna a couple of years back with the wife for a city break. Absolutely loved the city and persuaded my better half to visit the Red Lion. To say I was underwhelmed would be an overstatement. It’s small, it’s a Liverpool pub mainly and what Rangers memorabilia I could see was a couple of pennants in the wall. I left the barman a London Branch polo shirt I’d taken over for that purpose. It’s also in a pretty shit part of Vienna with quite few dodgy looking Turks hanging about.

I can’t get over for the match but if I was would try elsewhere. If you are so inclined, the coffee shops and cakes are superb and they also sell beer.

Be safe Bears and enjoy.


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I had a quick exchange on Facebook with one of the Vienna True Blue guys.

Says the pub will have one price list all day.

Rangers have had meetings with the police etc and normal Viennese laws will apply all day so if there is no problems there will be no police intervention.


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Agree as was also there for Maribor. We went in the night before the game - they’d pulled all drinks other than bottles of Budweiser and were charging through the roof.

Apart from that the bar was rubbish anyways, a small bar area and what looked like a school canteen at the back. Won’t be going anywhere near it this time.

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They don’t deserve our money. They’ve ripped us off before, and now that we’re on to them will keep same price all day?

Nah, I’d rather give me cash to another bar. In fact, the bar nearest to them
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My hotel is right next to it so I dare say I'll be in at at one point.

If it serves beer and is tarrier free then it'll do me.