The Sun; The Half Time Trouble was Rangers Fans Fault as Well

Texas ranger

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If that headline is accurate and you read it at face value, it has Rangers and Feyenoord fan which is even worse. It’s poor English of course, what else would you expect, but it doesn’t mention Rangers fan(s), it mentions Rangers and a solitary Feyenoord fan.

Get on them Rangers.


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Finished with the sun not buying it again, they keep printing negative non stories about our club. Had enough of them and the record which I stopped buying years ago.
We should be like the people of Liverpool who don’t buy the sun, fair reporting I don’t mind, but their reports are mostly negative towards our club.


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The article is pretty clear about where the trouble came from but that headline is surely actionable.

I, and I think most folk, scan over most papers at the headlines and only actually read articles when the headline text catches my attention. Anybody reading that headline in isolation will conclude that Rangers fans were at least partly to blame.

But it’s no more that you expect from an organisation that dwells in the swamp.