Tims drop 2 points - all comments in here


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That point might keep Lennon in a job.
2 things can happen. They’ll either galvanise from it or they’ll collapse

no slip ups before 2/1/21 Rangers

There’s absolutely loads of football to be played and surely some twists and turns to come but for illustrative purposes, if that was to be the case for both teams we could be going into that game with the chance to go 17 points clear due to them having yet another game moved for the Cup final.

Games in hand or not the pressure would be monumental on them if that was to be the case.


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They are dropping points they wouldn’t have contemplated losing in the past 3 seasons. That in of itself is pleasing.

Let’s look after ourselves, win tomorrow and keep our our foot on their neck right up until the 2nd.


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Seems more like a point gained or stolen for celtic.Nevertheless a splendid result.Now it's up to us to put another nail into their coffin tomorrow.


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Hugh Keevins was asked if Lennon should be given time.
His reply was no, it’s time to change the manager.
When that old prick is calling for Lennon to be sacked you know the unwashed are now in panic mode.
Brown is also getting flack for his level of performances right now. It’s great to see them turning on those pair of tramps.


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Keevins: “I would change the manager”.


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Madden cheated Hibs, never a penalty and gave them two goes at the free kick when it was a clear foul on a hibs pkayer.
Ball wasn't in play for the 2nd Incident that's why Flanagan didn't concede a pen against them a couple of season ago for elbowing brown


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That’s going to make bust gut to keep him in the job

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As a wise man once said,

It's easy to manage when things are going smooth, it's when things get rocky that weeds out the bad from the good.

%^*& knows who this wise man is, but I feel like it's been said before.

Although it probably is the players fault, end of the day they're the ones on the pitch. But there's far better ways to man manage it than saying "your dog shit mate pick it up"

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