Tims drop 2 points - all comments in here


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Always the same with they jammy bastards, 2 points dropped though, it’s good for us.
Let’s smash these sheep tomorrow and get ourselves 11 clear.


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Still wondering how Madden let them take the free kick again.

Foul by Duffy, he blows well after the free kicks taken. Get to have another go at it.


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Tbh I don't think our team that season was that great. We started well but we relied on Naismith and Jelavic most games and then Naismith got injured. Also Ally was still the manager!

This is a better Rangers side and a much better manager in Gerrard.

Our club went into meltdown with whyte as well. That has more of a bearing.


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Why is it football managers do not know how to defend a goal lead at the end of a game.
You defend as high up the park as possible where free kicks given away do not matter too much. Running back into your own box just gives away a goal. Happens to us as well at times. Anyway when we win tomorrow then its a good result for us. Well done Murphy.


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Avoided the score so absolutely delighted to see this thread

Over to us

This is all falling into place


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Draw or defeat not much difference dropped points is dropped points. We all said they would struggle there and would have been ecstatic if we were told at 3pm the result would be a draw. Let's do the business tomorrow

Northampton Lodger

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Forgot they were playing. That was a bonus jumping on to FF and seeing that. Guess for the guys following the game it was a sore one but for me that’s a great result.

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The tarriers have dropped 2 points we win tomorrow we go 11 points ahead even though they have 1 game in hand which puts pressure on them again. But that gives us a great cushion.

2 games in hand after we play tomorrow.

As I said their recent form excluding last season scottish cup is LLDDLWD

They are horrendous at the back.


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Watched the second half and Hibs were far too open after scoring the second.
After Murphy went off they had no-one that could keep hold of the ball.
Go 11 points ahead tomorrow and the pressure is heaped on them.
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