Today's press conference


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I'm a fucking bundle of nerves already about the next week but the two of them couldn't be calmer.


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The journalism in this country is nothing short of embarrassing.
It's actually funny.

That's the second time they've asked Borna in the space of a few weeks what the difference has been for him between last season and this season and twice now he's had to explain to the f*cktards that the pre-season in Portugal was hugely important to him.


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Good to see Borna enjoying himself. He loves celebrating goals with his teammates which is healthy for team morale.

He can keep improving with the correct mindset as he neatly outlined in his answers. I always thought that he should've been judged after having a pre-season but I must confess his early season showings had me worried about his long term future though. I'm really glad that he's proving me wrong. I wonder what changed? Scoring the winner at Greenhill Rd? The Feyenoord game at Ibrox? Playing well for his country? Has he got a bird? Who knows and who cares as long as he keeps up his form and continues to improve.

One other thing regarding him, the balance we have with left footed players on the left side of the pitch is a breath of fresh air.

Put Dolly to the sword and on to Sunday.



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Iv a real feeling with Borna and Kent that the left will be the difference on Sunday, its always been the right hand side with us. The tarriers must be worried, no fit left backs and a young boy at right back. This is where the game will be won imo.


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The journalism in this country is nothing short of embarrassing.
Agreed + SG sussed that out from the get go.
Some of his responses have been top class...
Dry...dead pan... intelligently sarcastic + easily makes the questioning reporter look like a Muppet... SG gets it...