Too Good To Go Down - BT Sport Documentary


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Anyone else watched this yet ? Focuses on Man Utd post 1968 and the absolute clusterfúck they made of replacing Busby which culminated in their relegation under Tommy Docherty in 1974 and their rise back up to near the top

Not a bad watch actually. Really good interviews with the players and manager of the time and plenty of footage. Two things stand out

1. Paddy Crerand still makes me throw up in my mouth every time I see his face or hear him talk.

2. Tommy Docherty thinks he comes across as some character but in reality he really is a piece of shit who constantly flung his older players under the bus including Denis Law, Jim McCalliog and Willie Morgan. Tells a story about George Best and why he got ride of him both of which Sammy McIlroy and Paddy Crerand say is simply not true.

Well worth a watch when BT no doubt repeat it about five times in the next week.


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Looks like they are having the same problem replacing SAF. The difference is they miss out on Champions league rather than get relegated.


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Docherty certainly came across badly, and from his own tongue as well. Even the footage of him being interviewed just before he got the job at O.T might have caused the directors there to stop and think. Looks in some state as well.


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Docherty's always been a prick as best illustrated when he took Willie Morgan to court and ended up perjuring himself.

That said, when they came back up, his Utd side with Coppell & Hill on the wings played some great stuff.

Was disappointed the documentary didn't mention anything about the day we ran the Red Army out of the Stretford End.