Training pics. 29/6/20

Desert Loyal

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Thats the best our squad has looked imo. Could be the new training gear but everyone looks ripped. Goldson looks like he has added some muscle for sure.

So Mote It Be

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Anyone else notice the bands each player appears to be wearing around the heel of each boot?

Looks similar to a fitbit device.

Haven’t seen these before?


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I want games now.
I want to see us play now.
I need to see that ball hit the net.
Dont watch YouTube guys, you’ll miss it even more.

Baba Booey

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You are allowed an opinion on a fans forum buddy. He is never in a million years good enough to be a Rangers player - nor am I.
Me neither, plus I'm now 40 and fat.

I've just read him getting a LOT of abuse on here over the past couple of weeks (since pre-season began) and I just don't think it helps anyone. We have plenty of enemies in Scottish Football without constantly hounding one of our own.

If he's not good enough and the opportunity arises he'll be moved on, but you can hardly blame the guy for being a Rangers player even if he's not good enough. I wouldn't walk away.