Trust The Process - 1 game at a time

Totally agree OP, I’m sure the players and management will only ever be focussed on the next game.

Last thing we want to be doing now is getting knocked out of EL or League Cup this week and letting them off the hook
Spot on OP. Just keep looking after ourselves and keep winning one at a time. Just want to get to the point where we beat them and go top of the league with same amount of games played etc. Then let's see how they handle it.


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I’m as delighted as anyone that them peado harbouring rats have missed out on the champions league money and hopefully puts pressure on all those at the chamber of secrets..

But let’s just keep ourselves level headed and on the ground to our most important objective.

Just keep winning Rangers and the tarriers will implode.
Thing is we can laugh and joke but our management team will keep it real for the players we have won nothing yet

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Our manager Steven Gerrard will be driving this home.
He will. This is his job and it's a sensible approach. Managing a football team is all about being measured and reasonable

As a fan? I cannot wait to get past The Danes, East Fife and St Mirren so that we can absolutely batter the croppy scum. They are due an absolute doing and we're in the mood to deliver it.