Uefa tweet Amato skill


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He did that turn in the Scottish Cup Final when we beat the Tims 1-0 in 1998/99,took about 3 of them out the game.
Amazing bit of skill.


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Absolutely rinsing Stubbs in the lead up to Wallace goal




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I watched the full match of this last week. We were really poor first half, second half the better side. Colin Hendry looked quality. Durie won't have had an easier header.


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I was raging with Durie for missing that header, I'm sure Amato was too

Right at the end of the game, can’t remember if this was after Parma had a chance to win the game or if they went straight up the field after Durie’s miss and should have scored


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I loved Amato. Could spend all day watching him play. As a poster said, he just lacked pace. If he’d had it, he wouldn’t be at us.


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Amato was an easy player to adore.
As a footballer, he summed up the phrase, 'easy on the eye'.
He was certainly from the long tradition of Argentinian football that has given the world so many mercurial and tremendous footballers.

Gio, get us another one, please. :cool:


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When I started playing football I'm sure it was the Maradona turn but then it was the Zidane one. As much as I hate McGeady as much as the next person, the inverse spin he did being associated with them is something that seems underused unless people try it all the time and it's just easily defended. I think Ribery is the only other player I can remember trying it with any sort of regularity.