UEFA vice president says it will be up to SPFL to decide on Premiership title if season is scrapped

Jonathan E

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Jobs have been lost, lives have been lost, people are avoiding contact with loved ones, mortgages have been frozen, house sales suspended, marriages and funerals reduced to nothing, exams and educational futures on hold...

but how can we find a way to gift the Tarriers another tainted title?

Get tae f...

Texas ranger

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Rangers are on the SPFL board this season, not The Harbourers. For that reason alone it will be highly unlikely that a title will be awarded if not earned on the pitch.

The more complicated issue is who gets the European places for next season.
Alloa F.C have Ewan Cameron on the same SPFL board as Stewart Robertson. They also have Mulraney as the V.P of the S.F.A, sitting on their board. In addition, is also the chairman of the professional gaming board.

I don’t think Robertson sitting on that board is very influential. We’ll get a direct vote for what it’s worth but I doubt a vote coming out of the SPFL board will leave Rangers fans happy in my opinion. I’d love to be proven wrong.
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I don’t think Robertson sitting on that board is very influential. We’ll get a direct vote for what it’s worth but I doubt a vote coming out of the SPFL board will leave Rangers fans happy in my opinion. I’d love to be proven wrong.
Robertson is on the board but he would not get a vote on who should be declared champions as it directly affects his club.

Robertson and Burrows (Motherwell) cannot vote on who should be representing the league in UEFA competitions.

Gray (Hamilton) cannot vote on the relegation issue as his club may benefit.


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The SFA/ SPL Know there is a shit storm brewing here. Thats why they tried to pass it onto uefa to take the flak. They will not have the balls not to award the filth the title incase they upset their paymaster pope liewell. The Timplosion would be heard on Pluto forever more!! We have no football authority leaders in Scotland just puppets for one stinking club. Fact.


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One way the league could be finished behind closed doors is if everyone involved the match can be tested for corona first once the corona test becomes more available.


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We need a one size fits all approach from UEFA here - they can't pass the buck as we will get totally differing outcomes from different countries. How can that be right or fair?

This approach doesn't constitute any sort of fair conclusion to season 19/20 and there will be all sort of court proceedings delaying any future resumption of an intended restart date it this goes ahead.

UEFA better get their act together pretty sharpish ... they will need to bite the bullet.


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I’m ambivalent about it all now - there really are more important things to be concerned with.

If they’re awarded the title it will be forever tainted in a way that no other title victory in the history of Scottish football has ever been and will only exist in the history books with a great big asterisk alongside it. In turn there will always be a huge question mark about the validity of their claims to nine and ten in a row.

Let’s see them celebrate that.


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I haven't really thought about sport much recently, however one thing we can takeaway from this is that should Celtic be handed the title this season then it would massively devalue their 10IAR year next year. Any Celtic fan would have the reddest of rednecks to even consider it 10IAR next year. It really takes the pressure off us next year if that's what happens.

I'll give them their 8, but no way are they getting a 9 if this season is handed to them. Absolutely no chance. I'm sure every bear will feel the same.


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DK was
“Rangers chairman Dave King is refusing to back down on his demands for Scottish Professional Football League chairman Murdoch MacLennan to be suspended and an independent probe set up into his business links with Celtic majority shareholder Dermot Desmond.”

DK was right to call this out, but this shouldn't be the end of it.
Surely we should be told who decided there was no " conflict of interest " of course there is & Shifty is on record saying that he hates us.
I've no idea how this issue can be " reopened " but it needs to be


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I think it's correct to leave it to each individual FA. All countries/leagues have their own consideration so to put a blanket decision on it by UEFA wouldn't be the answer.

The SFA have to grow some balls and decide how they want to handle it.

Mustang mad

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I really wish I cared at this point.
Least of our worries imo.
Do we as a club have sufficient funding in place to get through this period?


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When not if the SPFL award them the title in an unfinished season we need to make sure it is and forever will be know as the Asterisk Title.

Tim Hunter

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Just what the spfl wanted to hear, we know what comes next
From the BBC today.
"There is a growing understanding among Scottish football clubs that finishing the season is becoming increasingly unlikely due to the spread of Covid-19.
Each SPFL side has at least eight games outstanding and the governing bodies are taking legal advice about the best way to conclude the current campaign.
The English Premier League are reportedly exploring a televised, behind-closed-doors event this summer.
However, that is considered fanciful by senior figures in Scotland.
Instead, they are minded to protect next season with as little disruption as possible given new broadcast deals are due to begin.

Clarity could come following more league meetings later this week, but there is now a desire for as little delay as possible.

Individually, clubs are continuing to explore cost-cutting measures, with many already applying for the government job retention scheme.

That would see 80% of players and staff wages being covered up to a maximum of £2,500 per month, but would also leave clubs unable to issue players with training schedules and dietary plans.

The Scottish FA are continuing to look at sources of income in a bid to potentially provide members with short-term loans.

Their focus, for now, is understood to centred around safeguarding the future of clubs."

Hard to believe such sensible, action being considered by SPFL, unless they are just seting a trap.
It's all hot air at the moment.
No decisions have to be made until all the leagues and cups were due to finish during late May and early June.
If, as expected, none of them will re-start, never mind complete, then decisions need to be made.
I know it makes for a boring forum, but most of this is howling at the moon.


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Celtic will be canvassing for votes already. We should put out a statement that everyone should get an equal share of prize money.
No doubt them rats will be scurrying about behind the scenes doing what you say...... what is the difference in League position prize money anyway ? Does anyone have a breakdown ?

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Spineless decision from Uefa and usually I would be glad theyre deferring decisions to another body as they're so incompetent. However it just so happens they're deferring to the SPFL.. the one governing body who are probably more spineless and incompenetant than Uefa themselves.


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UEFA should be decided what happens imo, the decision should be the same across all leagues in Europe.