Merch Victory In Barcelona 1972 posters in A2 size

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If you un-ban stez64, I'll buy one

Edit . This sounds like a demand or a bribe...It's not,
it's just a request.
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I love it. It's areal bargain. I hope it's OK to post this here.


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Victory In Barcelona 1972 posters in A2 size

A one-off chance to get a really large reproduction of the front page of the Rangers News.

Made a bit of a mistake re-ordering the posters - I mistakenly re-ordered then as A2 rather than A3!

So this run is twice the size of normal!!!!! ie, the size of a broadsheet newspaper rather than a tabloid.

But - a bit of a bonus for the buyers!

Barcelona 1972 Rangers News front page poster!

We’ve been able to get hold of a very high-quality scan of the front page of the Rangers News celebrating the Cup Winners Cup victory in Barcelona with the players lined up in a V-for-Victory formation.

Printed on glossy 150 gram paper - making them ideal for framing.


UK -


Pretty decent.


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Got an A3 frame from the Range, £4.99 and a perfect fit for the A3 poster. No external frame on it as it's the edge to edge and top to bottom type frame. Looks class. Going to my bro for his Rangers room.


Some, initials are SN, bought two - but your postal address on Paypal is a bit confusing - can you check email I just sent you?

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Received mines yesterday.. Had to go to a sorting office as the postie refused to chap a neighbours door... Fantastic poster.. Need to source a frame now


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Do we not have a team photograph with the ECWC taken at Ibrox? The only one you ever see is in the hotel grounds or wherever.


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Received mine today. Quality big poster going to get it into a frame and give it to my old man as part of his birthday.


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Just a question, there wasn't a programme printed for our win in 72, it was only fliers that were printed, anyone on here got one?