Video of the Rangers team on the boat in Gibraltar


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It doesn’t but also it wasn’t at a game so what harm will it actually do the club? Or you worried about what others who already hate us think
You're right. I shouldn't (and don't) worry about what the haters think. Haters will hate. The club tho, is trying to rid itself if this particular image (this FTP stuff). Should we not be taking a lead from what the club needs and desires. Should we be encouraging FTP singing (even if the video was made years ago) when we have players who cross themselves coming onto the pitch. My point is the club neither wants nor needs this.

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Don't think it matters what country "they are are in" the SPFL will not tolerate this and will make sure we are punished.
When did you start to work for the SPFL nd the SFA. that you know so much about how they think nd what they will do, just wait and see, don't go putting ideas' into their heads. Don't jump in too quick.
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