We need a song for Glen Kamara

Tom Petty

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50 grand 50 grand glen Kamara
50 grand 50 grand I say
50 grand 50 grand glen kamara
It's the bargain of the century
Heart and Hand, 50 Grand, Glen Kamara,
Heart and Hand, 50 grand, I say
Heart and Hand, 50 grand, Glen Kamara
To Gdansk/55 we're on our way!


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Tune - Stop crying your heart out.

He came here from Dundee
For 50k
Oh For the Rangers
He wanted to play
He’s better than Namouchi
And Alex Rae
He’s Glenn Kamara!


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Song for Kamara to “Everybody get up” by 5ive

Get on up
When you’re down
Baby take a good look around
I know it’s not much
But it’s ok
We got Kamara for 50k
The only original one that I can see apart from the Killers. :)

We need to have more imagination than copying


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When he was young he went away
We picked him for up 50 k
Now he plays for Steve Gerrard
At Ibrox Park, the Rangers way

Kamaraaa Kamara Kamara Kamara