Well done Rangers store/Castore


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Likewise.. ordered some stuff last Wednesday and arrived on the Friday here in Amsterdam.

No complaint with quality though will await the 1st wash results to confirm.

Only disappointment was the kids sizes being a bit on the side compared to Ajax stuff he has so will have to pay for a return and exchange.


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Glad to hear they seem to be getting their shit together hopefully a sign of things to come in what should be an extremely profitable deal for our club

Wade Wilson

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Their international orders must be better than most because I haven't had anything to complain about with 3 orders in terms of timeline.

All 3 arrived within a week of ordering


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I have a top on order from the 17th going to a venuzualan supporter who runs one of the spanish Rangers pages on instagram which hasnt been posted yet.

The effort a guy like him goes towards supporting our club with no background and living in a different continent, the least I could do was get him a top to show appreciation.


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Are home kids kits available yet? 1 yrs I’m looking for...I wonder will they be back in stock before Xmas.
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Yip, great delivery. Only downside is lack of stock and sizes available online meaning you have to make multiple orders incurring additional shipping and customs costs etc. It'll get better though
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