West of Scotland Premiership


They are hoping for an October start date - but could even be earlier.
Darvel throwing about a lot of money - talbot still the team to beat imo.
Not sure how many are being relegated after first year tho - heard might be a good few
My Son has signed for Rossvale, they are hoping to start games late August/early September..fingers crossed..


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Yeah that's what I thought to but they are paying decent money, as much as most SPFL clubs are paying outwith their marquee signings. Got a mate that's with Blantyre and knows a few of their players
Im sure they are for that level but nothing like what is being made out. few hundred max no doubt for their top players nothing close to what Halliday will get elsewhere.


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Irvine Meadow tweeted possible starting in October should be virus regression continue.

Really missing going to Newslandsfield most weeks - even though I just normally drive along myself, it's still a good wee day afternoon out.

Looking forward to this new set up, but can see 'Lok being midtable.
Lok is my local team used to head down often as a youngster think I shall pick things back up this season- always majority Bears that watch them still the case?