When you like to see the league trophy presented?

When do you likely see the League Trophy presented

  • At the end of the final game of the season?

    Votes: 323 82.4%
  • At the end of the first home game after the League is mathematically won?

    Votes: 69 17.6%

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Ünnëcëssärÿ Ümläüts

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Not just for us this season, but in general?

Personally I like to see the trophy being presented at the end of last game of the season. Or at least the last home game.

Getting it in March then playing on another few months seems a bit meh.

I’ll preface this with saying that I don’t actually know the rules on when a league trophy gets presented.

Artful Dodger

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When we scud the rattlers in their own midden.
If not first game of next season now.So hopefully we will be there.


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I've seen a few and I'm sure it's the last home game, unless it's a helicopter title. I really don't care where we get it, just get it.
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tottie beck

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What’s wrong with the day we win it?

If that’s not allowed then it should be the final game. The players deserve to get their hands on after the season they’ve given us.
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Always the last home game if already mathematically won. If a title decider is the last day? We all know how a helicopter Sunday works!!


I went for as soon as it’s won as you never know players concentration could go and we end up having a disappointing run in. Apart from setting records you would think that players will be rested, kids thrown in at times, European games (hopefully), players not wanting to risk serious injury for what are essentially friendlies so getting e trophy at the end of it does end with 3 or 4 games where we don’t take full points it might take a tiny bit of the shine off, at least we can all go mental as soon as it’s won!


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Last game of season for me. We are traditionalists.

First home game of following season, is unfurling of league flag at Ibrox ( Covid permitting. )

I'm sure that Dave King would make himself available for that ceremony, if not unfurl it personally, on behalf of the Club, and with their sanction.

The Janny

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It's the last home game right enough however I'm wondering when do the league remove it from the holders, when its won?

Clay Davis

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Seems to be last home game of the season which makes sense to me.

2000 we were awarded the trophy in the first game after we won the league and still had about 5 games to go which is a bit daft. Celebrate at the end of the season imo.


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Last home game of season. More time to get some beer gardens etc opened up, so we can party. Still be hitting the streets when we win it, but sunny May with beer gardens, sounds fantastic.


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If there’s no fans allowed in Ibrox at the end of May which is highly likely I propose a Summer title party with 50,000 at Ibrox on.... the 12th of July.


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It'll be the ultimate humiliation of Doncaster when/if he hands that trophy over to Rangers,assuming he's allowed into Ibrox.
That's the last bastard I want to see presenting us with the trophy, he should be told in no uncertain terms that he is not welcome at our celebrations.
Let the reptile stand on the roundabout with lightbulb heed.


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You get it on last home game of the season, that is when the season is over. Unless it is a last day decider you would get it at whatever ground you are at. It always been the same.

Then we start next season with a home game and the flag unfurling!


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Sequence of events on the day of our visit to breezeblock boulevard -

Receive the guard of honour

Fuukin pump them handsomely

Pick up the trophy and change the ribbons

Head home to Ibrox and plant our bounty in the trophy room.

JOB DONE on the league front.


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The SAS should rappel down from the poets roof (with extra reinforcing poles to stop it caving) and present the trophy to Tav, then fire a cannon and the red arrows do their red/white/blue fly over. Or the last home game of the season. Either/or is fine by me.
Fire a few cannons straight at the midden


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Annually, to us.

I like getting it the day it’s won, you can still have a parade and celebration last home game if it’s won early.