YouTube - Lawwell laughing at Rangers


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Looks well on the way to a heart attack or stroke, lockdown not been kind to him.

Hopefully it wipes him out the fat fu ck er


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This will always be the difference between them and us. During our 9 in a row and Celtc were financially on their knees and the padlocks not long from being wrapped around the Piggery gates, we could easily have acted in the same vile and gloating manner as Liewell, but we didn't. In fact, our club put players onto the telly to say that Scottish football needed a strong Celtc to keep the League competitive. I said at the time that if the boot were on the other foot that Celtc would not only try to eradicate Rangers, but pour salt onto the wound when doing so. They've done exactly that since 2012.

Exactly mate. They publicly revelled in our troubles. I'm sure Rangers privately lapped up their problems in the 90s but we never rubbed their noses in it in front of the press. They have NEVER been good winners or losers.

The other thing that gets to me about that older clip. He was high up in the SFA and he was mocking a member club in front of the media, which should have seen him out of the door pronto. The warnings were there even then we were never going to get any support from that organisation when the shit hit the fan in 2012. 55 will be the end of him with them, no doubt about it.


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That has been that club and fans main problem, they still think it’s 2012. This is is why this has come round and blindsided them, “the ten” was a given it was a certainty. Look at Rogic in the last old firm game, swans on the pitch when he’s subbed on, and within 30 secs the shock hits him that it’s not 2016 anymore and he’s not up against Goss or a broken down Kranjar.

Their fans have been worse, even this morning I got a message from a Celtic supporting mate (I know, I know......) about “big Mike” I just laughed and said “never change” because the longer their club and fans live in the last decade the further ahead we will get.


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“Your grandchildren will be Celtic fans”

my grandchildren wont even know what a Celtic is.

Rangers rise from the ashes in 2012 will be the stuff of legend that future generations will be weaned on. The scum's history of child abuse and turning a blind eye to it will be the stuff of horror stories akin to the bogey man. The old saying of "I'd rather die with our history than live with yours" was never more true than when applied to them.

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That classless prick just epitomises everything scummy about that club.

He looks like one more positive Covid result in the squad away from a stroke. We can only hope.

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He likes his own patter in that first video doesn’t he, he was a bit like Stan Boardman there, ends up pishing himself laughing more than his “audience”. I want to see a video of him re-enacting the bear scene from The Revenant, that would please me.

I know a few bears who would be more than happy to take part in the scene.


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Have you been listening to biomechanics from ginger puss? B-D


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The fat f*cking slug that he is. Listen to all those sycophant idiots laughing too.

Well, listen up for the laughs come May fatman.

There's still a long way to go, but, if we get through our next 2 away games and they slip up in their games against Livingston then I would expect to be celebrating in March.B-)

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They thought it would never end. They didn't anticipate it at all.

We knew we were improving year in year out, they were regressing. Regularly hammered in Europe, downgrading of players, coaching staff. We seen any half decent team just destroy them and realised they aren't that good and we took them head on. They haven't beaten us in the league in a long long time and now wilting v other teams too.

All that being said, I dont think any one of us could have predicted this meltdown this season
Pride came before what we see now, turns out the pride was misplaced all the gloating while we quietly went about our business has made this all the sweeter imo.

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What was that about Ice Cream Peter?