Date: 10th October 2018 at 4:22pm
Written by:

By Mark Dingwall

Aberdeen fibbing over Cup Semi Final ticket allocation and pandering to worst instincts of their support

In negotiations they were extremely aggressive  – demanding 25,000 tickets – and seats in the North Stand.

In the end they have got 17,000 plus the chance to buy another 3,000 debenture seats should the debenture holders wish to sell them.  They have got no seats in the North Stand as they previously promised their fans.

Doncaster was willing to give into their demands – but was forced to retreat as both the police and Rangers pointed out the lunacy of giving them any North Stand seats as that would mean swathes of empty seats for segregation.

They claim they have gotten a full allocation.

The tickets they have been allocated is not the allocation they wanted.


· On Thursday 27 September Aberdeen were offered 16,800 tickets plus unsold Debenture seats (they were told at that meeting it was likely this would be in excess of 2000 tickets). This is what they are getting now !

· We are getting North Stand which is what we wanted . In excess of 25,500 tickets

· Possible that we will get more Debenture seats on Friday

· SPFL have advised Aberdeen how to sell tickets so that if they don’t sell all tickets in East Stand we may get more


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